Firsts: Coming of age stories by people with disabilities

Edited by Belo Miguel Cipriani.
This is an anthology of stories from eleven people, who each talk about their experiences of living with a disability.
They also discuss their experiences of how their respective societies and governments deal with people with disabilities.
I am immensely proud to have been asked to contribute to this book. I hope that it will help to highlight the issues being dealt with on a day to day basis by people with disabilities.
It was for me a cathartic experience and helped me to rationalise my own traumas trying to deal with finding myself disabled in middle age after a highly physically active life.
I have also greatly enjoyed working with Belo who is an inspiration to us all.

I wrote my contribution in September 2017.

It will be published in October 2018

This will be the first book published by Oleb Books.

So I am doubly proud to be in my own small way one of their first published authors and help with this new adventure by Belo.


“I feel like I was given a ring of keys, and that each one allowed me to enter a different world. Each narrator is unique, each world fascinating — at turns heartbreaking, funny and hopeful — and yes, disability is centerstage but it’s not the only thing that makes these characters jump off the page.”

Amy Silverman

Commentator, KJZZ, the NPR member station in Phoenix, Arizona, and the author of “My Heart Can’t Even Believe It: A Story of Science, Love and Down Syndrome.”


“These eleven authors do not ask for pity or sympathy, they are looking to be heard, to find love, to be creative…to live.”

Gregory G. Allen

Diversity Advocate and author of Chicken Boy: A Super Hero with Autism